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Welcome to Sterling® Steel Ball

Your #1 wholesale source for Industrial themed jewelry shapes!


When you want your jewelry creation to make a statement that has an edge yet is NOW, TODAY, POWERFUL, and SOPHISTICATED.  Sterling® Steel Ball gives you the raw material for that look you want....unapologetic....cold metal burnished with that industrial look of cool confidence.

7 Shapes - Click below for examples

Rounds        Coins        Disks        Diagonals        Hexagonals        Steel Bamboo        Rings

6 Finishes

3 Diameters - Click for image

Hard to find larger diameter smooth rounds are our specialty.  We offer 8mm, 9.5mm and 12mm diameters.

3 Hole Sizes - Click for image

We offer a 1.5mm hole size for conventional beading wire.  In addition, we offer both 3mm and 4mm hole sizes for cords, strings, ropes, chain and chain mail links.

Product Assortments

You can purchase our bead products in economical assortments.  Assortments are attractive 18 compartment display cases that sit nicely on your countertop and show the full variety of solid steel beads available from Sterling® Steel Ball.